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Patron Points is a loyalty program platform designed exclusively for the petroleum industry keeping every retailer in mind. We help independent convenience stores, chains large and small, petroleum distributors and petroleum co-ops across the country retain customers, increase profits, and thrive in highly competitive environments. Only Patron Points provides a complete loyalty solution to help you retain your most profitable customers, increase their spending and attract new customers

Unlike many loyalty programs, Patron Points is easy-to-use, computerized and fully customizable by each retailer. We take loyalty programs to the next level: we provide retailers with personalized marketing pieces, direct mail campaigns, and in-store signage. Even better? We make sure your convenience store always maintains a competitive advantage over the gas station across the road.

At Patron Points, we understand that proprietors of local convenience stores have a huge work load and a lot on their minds. They may want to initiate a loyalty program to honor their most valued customers, but don't have the time (or means) to do it. Patron Points makes it easy and affordable to run and maintain a loyalty program that helps these businesses thrive.

Patron Points is a certified partner of Gilbarco, Verifone, Pinnacle and SmartDESQ. Our loyalty program works with Passport, Sapphire, Commander, Pinnacle and SmartDESQ POS systems.

Where is Patron Points available?

Patron Points proudly serves convenience stores across the United States and Canada.

proudly serving...

At Patron Points, we are proud to serve independent convenience store owners, chains large and small, petroleum distributors and petroleum coops. We believe that you have the most to gain from our loyalty programs: we help you compete against larger franchises, keep more customers, and put more money in your bank account.

Patron Points works with our retail partners, large or small, to create a loyalty program that is unique and exclusive. One convenience store to five hundred and any number in between ... No Problem!

Independent Convenience Stores and Chains

If you're the owner of an independent convenience store or a chain of stores, you know that competition for customers is fierce. These days, large franchises are popping up on every corner, giving customers a vast array of options. At Patron Points, our goal is to level the playing field. We create customized loyalty systems for owners of independent gas stations and chains that give you an edge on the competition and entice customers to choose your store exclusively. When customers earn rewards for spending money in your store, why would they go anywhere else?

Petroleum Distributors

As a petroleum distributor, it's likely a lot of your dealers make choices based on price, sometimes down to the penny. Fortunately, you have Patron Points. Patron Points creates loyalty programs specifically for petroleum distributors, helping companies like yours stand out from your competition by offering more than just a good price. A Patron Points loyalty program is not only a good incentive for dealers to continue working with you, it's an effective marketing strategy. Patron Points will help cross-market your divisions and tie your offerings together, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Petroleum Co-Ops

Patron Points works with petroleum co-ops to provide members with unrivaled reward benefits. Patron Points makes it easy for loyalty participants to earn points not only on gas, but on other items for the home or farm as well.

You'll have the power of loyalty.

Interested in working with us? We look forward to serving you.

If you'd like to start a loyalty program at your station, give us a call. You can reach us at 877-623-6073. Prefer e-mail? Drop us a line: sales@patron-points.com.

we're your full service loyalty solution.

As an owner of an independent station, you have a lot on your plate. You're managing employees, competing with the convenience store across the street, and handling vendors (not to mention taking care of your day-to-day business). You know that retaining customers is important, but you probably don't have time to effectively serve them.

That's where Patron Points comes in.

Patron Points creates loyalty programs for owners of independent gas stations and chains of convenience stores, helping you retain the customers you have while turning new customers into loyal patrons.

Here's just a few reasons why you might consider Patron Points for your business:


With Patron Points, you are in total control of your loyalty plan. We understand that no two convenience stores are the same. You have unique needs, and need a loyalty plan you can personalize. With Patron Points, every aspect of your loyalty program is customizable. You set reward levels, have the flexibility to add daily specials, and can redeem points whenever you choose.

Turn-key solution

In the past, the logistics associated with a loyalty program might have been an obstacle. No longer. Patron Points handles every program detail so you don't have to. We track points, subtract redemptions, and create loyalty cards emblazoned with your logo. We also provide signage and marketing material. And that's just the start. Patron Points provides you with every tool you need to succeed.

Patron Points works through your POS system. Our program is compatible with Gilbarco Passport, Verifone Sapphire and Commander, SmartDESQ and Pinnacle POS systems.

Customized marketing

With Patron Points, you can quit wasting money on mass co-op mailings. When you use our loyalty program, you can market specifically to customers who frequent your store. With Patron Points, you'll regularly receive updated customer lists and we can create customized marketing pieces you can mail directly to your most valuable customers. In addition, if you need banners, posters, pump toppers, or window clings, Patron Points can help: we produce the high-quality marketing materials you need inhouse.


Unlike many loyalty programs that charge hefty administrative costs and set-up fees, Patron Points was designed to be affordable. Contact us for more information.

Patron Points makes serving your customers easy. Interested in starting your own loyalty plan? Give us a call at 877-623-6073. We look forward to serving you.


Patron Points is a certified partner on the Verifone Sapphire and Commander, Gilbarco Passport, SmartDESQ and Pinnacle POS systems. Patron Points also has a stand alone terminal for retailers not using the Verifone, Gilbarco, SmartDESQ or Pinnacle POS systems. Utilizing these systems allows you the flexibility to design a loyalty program specific to your location. Going through the POS system allows you to have a faster, realtime and customizable loyalty program that will set you apart from your competitors.